Expert, friendly repair serving the central valley!                             

Here at Golf Car Central Service in Fresno, California we pride ourselves on great customer service. We want to start by letting you know that our business was created to make the experience of golf car repair and maintenance more convenient FOR YOU. We are a fully mobile company, doing 99% of our repairs AT YOUR LOCATION. No more pick-up or delivery charges.

Our trucks are on the road 5 days a week to service your needs.  We stock a full range of parts and supplies for every type of golf car and utility vehicle that is on the market.   We don’t just service your golf car initially but continue to provide great service for any needs you might have.

For us the customer is the most important aspect of the job. We can save customers money and time, which is always important.

We offer customization of your current vehicle, as well as ongoing supplies that you may need. If you are interested in tires, wheels, batteries, canopy’s, enclosures, coolers, radios, or any other part for your cart that you could want for your golf car and we can install everything for you as well!

Our mechanics have been doing mechanic and mechanical diagnostic work most of their lives. A combined 39 years in the Golf Car field alone. They can even fabricate parts if we so need.